Futures and OptionsClearing Fee

Fee schedule of JSCC

The fees JSCC will charge clearing participants based on “Rules on Fees” , “Rules on Fees for CDS Clearing Business” and “Rules on Fees for IRS Clearing Business” are as follows:


  • Monthly fee
  • (a)JGB Futures Clearing Qualification : ¥100,000(*1)
  • (b)Index Futures Clearing Qualification : ¥120,000(*1)
  • (*1) For the time being, this monthly fee is not applied to clearing participants incurring clearing fee of ¥100,000 or less a month concerning derivatives transactions.
  • Clearing fee

    List of Clearing fee by Products

  • Fee for Position Transfers (*2): ¥5 per contract

(*2)This fee is applied to the clearing participant who accepts the transferred position. (In the case of non-clearing participant, this fee is applied to the designated clearing participant of such non-clearing participant).